Marilyn Chapin Massey

Marilyn Chapin Massey

My work is based on the combination of colors coming from different systems. Recently, I have concentrated on the gamme used in coding metros around the world.

For example, struck by the color I glimpsed each time the door opened on the Independent Subway line in New York City, I decided to transcribe its color coding.  The subway line differentiates between local and express stops by a systematic change of color. 0 0-1My color chart painting of how it works has 44 different colors and 114 swatches.

My interest in the color coding of subway systems continues in my work on paintings and scuptures drawn from many systems, Paris, London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and many more.  0-2

0-3The strong colors I use fit the geometric shapes. Working with these I shape paintings and sculptures.